Prova på Roller derby!

Äntligen startar vi vår nybörjargrupp för personer ålder 16+!
Vi kommer ha 2 prova-på tillfällen 7/11 och 14/11.
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Kom och kolla när Norrköping Roller Derby A möter Bristol Roller Derby, Oslo Roller Derby och Namur Roller Derby på hemmaplan.

Var: Sandbyhovshallen, Norrköping
När: 27-28/5, för mer detaljerad info se nedan
Hur: Biljetter köper du via TICKSTER! eller i dörren på plats.

Massor av fika kommer att finnas till försäljning!


10:00 Dörrarna öppnar
11:00 Bristol Roller Derby -Namur Roller Derby
14:00 Norrköping Roller Derby -Namur Roller Derby
16:00 Bristol Roller Derby - Oslo Roller Derby
09:30 Dörrarna öppnar
10:00 Oslo Roller Derby - Norrköping Roller Derby
13:00 Bristol Roller Derby -Norrköping Roller Derby
15:00 Oslo Roller Derby - Namur Roller Derby

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Prova på Roller derby!

Kom och prova på Roller Derby och testa om sporten är något för dig!
Alla oavsett könstillhörighet eller ålder är välkomna (från 16 år, är du under 16 har vi juniorverksamhet)
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Senast 24/2.
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Prova På Juniorderby!

Är du mellan 8-18 och vill testa Roller derby?
Var? Sandbyhovshallen
När? Söndagen 22/1 klockan 17-18 (vi börjar rulla 17.15 så kom i tid)
Hur? Anmäl dig till vår mejl

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Roller Derby SM!

Kom och se Norrköping Roller Derby möta de bästa lagen i Sverige på hemmaplan!
När? 22-23 oktober
Var? Sandbyhovshallen
Hur? Till biljettsidan!

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Norrköping Roller Derby against the best teams in Sweden!
See you there!
When? 22-23 oct
Where? Sandbyhovshallen
How? Tickets!!

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Prova På Juniorderby!

Är du mellan 8-18 och vill testa Roller derby?
Var? Sandbyhovshallen
När? Måndagen 29/8 klockan 1730-19
Hur? Anmäl dig till vår mejl

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Rookiehelg 27-28/8

Vill du testa på roller derby men känner dig inte riktigt redo att anmäla dig för ett helt rookieprogram, kom och var med oss på vår rookiehelg i slutet av augusti!
Inga förkunskaper krävs.
Åldersgräns 13 år.

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It´s a bout to go down!

Norrköping Roller Derby VS Luleå Roller Derby

När? Klockan 14.00, 4/6-2022
Var? Sandbyhovshallen, Sandbyhovsgatan 2 Norrköping
Info: Inträde 70kr, barn under 12 år går gratis i vuxens sällskap

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Välkommen du som är 13 år och äldre.
Kom och testa om sporten kan vara något för dig och kanske bli en medlem av vår vuxen (från 18) eller juniorveksamhet (13-18 år).

Klockan 18.30-20 i Sandbyhovshallen på Sandbyhovsgatan 2.
Evenemanget sker som en punkt under prideveckan i Norrköping.

Anmälan görs till där vill vi ha ditt namn och din skostorlek.

Hoppas vi ses!

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Elitserien vt 2022


Elitserien in Norrköping 14/5-15/5!

Come to Sandbyhovshallen 14/5 and 15/5 to support our awesome NRD seniors! 

Saturday 14/5
14.00 Norrköping Roller Derby vs Göteborg roller Derby
Sunday 15/5
11.00 Stockholm Roller Derby BSTRDs vs Västerås Roller Derby
ca 13.30 Norrköping Roller Derby vs Stockholm Roller Derby BSTRDs
For more info: Facebook event


NRD-bouts in Stockholm 27-28/11!

Come to Stockholm 27/11 and 28/11 to support our awesome seniors and juniors of NRD! 

THE RETURN OF THE BOUT 27-28/11 in Stockholm, Farsta sim- och idrottshall 
Saturday 27/11 
10.00 Stockholm Roller Derby YoungSTRDs vs Jackdaw Chicks + Västerås + Norrköping Roller Derby Juniors (level 3)
12.00 Stockholm Roller Derby YoungSTRDs vs Norrköping Roller Derby Juniors + Jackdaw Chicks (level 2)
Sunday 28/11
14.30 Stockholm Roller Derby BSTRDs vs Norrköping Roller Derby
For more info:


Support our amazing juniors and watch thier bouts 23/10!

JUNIOR-BOUT 23/10 Sandbyhovshallen i Norrköping
Entrance fee 40 kr (the entrance is free for kids up to 12 years)
14.00 Jackdaw Chicks vs NRD Juniors, level 3
15.30 Junior-scrim (träningsmatch) with mixed teams from Uppsala and Norrköping, level 2


Look awesome in our logo!

Here you can find NRDs own webshop. Shop until you drop and look amazing in our league-logo:


New Rookie-course in September 2021

Our next rookie course will start on 8th of September 2021. 
If you are interested, send us an e-mail: or


Try on JUNIOR August 23

This is your chance to try a bit of skateing if you are interested in joining our junior league!

Ektorpshallen, Trestegsgatan 4, August 23, 4-5 pm

Send an e-mail to with following information:

Name, age and shoe size

We will lend you skates and protective gear, but you can bring your own if you like. Looking forward to seeing you there!!


NRD B won one game, NRD lost two but still climbs in ranking

This Saturday, NRD B debuted in Division 1 (Swedish Series), and won the first game of the series. The team’s focus during the autumn has been to build a strong and focused team. They expected a tough first bout against Umeå, and they delivered.

-          Umeå took the lead early on, but we managed to turn the game to our advantage with only minutes to spare, Johanna Lönn-Skog, team captain, says.

The following day, this Sunday, NRD A had two bouts, one against French Lomme Roller Girls and one against Stockholm Allstars. Both teams highly ranked and despite two losses, the point differential helped NRD A climb to an impressive number 28 in Europe.

·         Ume Radical Rollers vs NRD B = 151-156
·         Lomme Roller Girls vs NRD A = 198-97
·         Stockholm Roller Derby Allstars vs NRD A = 225-113


Division 1 and tough bouts

On Saturday and Sunday, you can catch 12 different teams competing in eight different bouts in Farstahallen, Stockholm. NRD B will make their division 1 debut. Their focus during this autumn has been to build a strong and focused team. Now they are ready to prove that they are one of Sweden’s top b-teams.

-       The team is stoked to play the series again. We have never met Umeå before but we look forward to a tough game, Johanna Lönn-Skog, team captain, says.

During the weekend, NRD A will also play a couple of bouts.

-       We are ranked no 131 in the world, but Lomme are at no 35 and Stockholm Allstars at 25. This will indeed be a challenge: two games with a level of opposition that we rarely have to opportunity to face, Angelica Lundin, team captain, says.


Saturday 9/11: 10:30 Norrköping Roller Derby b – Ume Radical Rollers

Sunday 10/11: 10:30 Lomme Roller Girls – Norrköping Roller Derby A

Sunday 10/11: 17:15 Stockholm Allstars – Norrköping Roller Derby A


Win against Copenhagen

This weekend, NRD A was in Copenhagen to play against Copenhagen Roller Derby Allstars

-       It was their 10 years anniversary as a league bu tour birthday gift was not appreciated, team captain Angelica Lundin says.

Stats said beforehand that NRD had a 9% chance to win the game but still they managed to beat the Danes with an impressive 77-126 point victory.

-       It was an incredibly fun and tough game and we are proud to preform so well against a higher ranked team. This is proof that our training plan is doing its job and it feel promising for future games (such as this weekend.)



Norrköping Roller Derby won’t play in the Swedish Elite Series

NRA A are training intensely after the summer break. Right now, new tactics are developing and strength is building. The team has chosen not to participate in the Swedish series this year, but to focus on climbing the WFTDA international rankings (Womens Flat Track Roller Derby Association).

 - To climb in rankings, we have to play other WFTDA-certified teams and that’s not something we would do in the series. Our game schedule was soon filled and then we took this decision in order to focus on the WFTDA sanctioned games fully, captain Angelica Lundin says.

The top six ranked teams in Sweden will still quality to the Swedish Championships, even if they are not playing in the series. The team’s goal is to qualify in this way.


Important home bouts Oct 5th - 6th

There are upcoming games played in our home arena, which are very important. Firstly, this is the first game played in Norrköping in a long time and secondly, the game against Dirty River (Åbo), is the first ever WFTDA-sanctioned home game.

 - Sanctioned games demand a lot from the whole league, not just the players. The whole event must be planned in detail and professionally, Angelica explains.



Saturday October 5th, Stadium Arena

·         11:00 - 13:00 Dirty River Roller Derby vs. Norrköping Roller Derby A (WFTDA)

·         13:00 - 15:00 BSTRDs vs. Oxford Roller Derby

·         17:00 - 19:00 Dirty River Roller Derby vs. BSTRDs

Sunday October 6th, Stadium Arena

·         10:00 - 12:00 Norrköping Roller Derby A vs. Oxford Roller Derby

·         12:00 - 14:00 Royal Army vs. Dirty River

·         16:00 - 18:00 Royal Army vs. Oxford Roller Derby



Wanna do something fun?

In September we will start a new rookie-group for adults and have room for new juniors to start on level 1.

Are you thinking "But I've never even skated, and it looks way too scary!"

We can tell you - it is a bit scary at first, sure. But the whole point for rookies is to learn bit by bit, and soon you will have turned in to a brave, proud and talanted skater... So come on, challange yourself!!

For more information, send us an e-mail:


Only wins for NRD this weekend!

With six games in two days, NRD won all of the 4 games they played.
NRD B are happy with their hard work giving results. They had some new players in their team this weekend and they all worked hard together for their two wins. 
 - Now we can compete again good teams as Västerås and Malmö and still manage to win, captain Johanna Lönn-Skogh says.

NRD B has played Västerås before but never came out on top. This time though they won with the impressive lead of 231-116. Malmö is an established league with several successful teams. NRD faced their C-team and won with the score 156-85.
 - This these results in our back, we really hope to play in the Swedish series Division 1 this autumn, captain Johanna Lönn-Skogh says.

Rainbow Warrior gave NRD C a tough game and the match was very even until the very end. NRD C managed to win by 162-158. The team is fairly new with very few players and this was only their third game ever and their first ever win!
 - We are extremely happy that we won this game, team captain Therese Göthberg says.

The junior match was also very close. The teams were called ”Ägget” (=”The Egg”) and “Hönan” (=The Chicken/Hen”) with an Easter theme. They showed what a great improvement they’ve made throughout the season and had great fun.
 - We also had three visiting players from Gothenburg and made three new friends, their coach Marie-Louise Andersson says.

As a finale to this successful weekend, NRD S were victorious though they struggled with quantity in players. The result against Stockholm’s Royal Army was 135-68.
 - It felt like we couldn’t do anything else but win when all the other NRD teams had won throughout the weekend. We are grateful for the support of our lovely homecrowd! Team captain Catharina Bergström rejoices. 
Since both teams are WFTDA approved, the scores of the game were important for the international rankings.


This weekend Norrköping Roller Derby’s A team won a bronze medal in the Swedish Championships for the third year in a row!

The weekend started off with a victory in the quarter finals against Luleå Roller Derby, a team that NRD A has faced four times now in the Swedish Champs.
 - The first time we met them was when we wanted to climb to a higher division but they beat us. However, since then we’ve beaten them every time though they always give us a tough time every time, team captain Catharina Bergström says.
After a win in the quarter finals, the semi finals NRD A was facing current Swedish champions Crime City Roller, and that game ended with a loss.
 - Malmö (CCR) are ranked number 8 in the world and I think we all knew we did not stand a chance against them. However, we played a great game and learned lots. We haven’t had a chance played a team that good before, Catharina says.
On Sunday, it was time for the bronze match against Jackdaw City Rollers from Uppsala, who on the previous day unexpectedly won against Gothenburg Roller Derby. NRD A still managed to win against the Uppsala team though heavily burdened by many penalties during the game due to a rough style of play. 
NRA managed to secure the bronze for the third year in a row and the team is now focusing on getting by the obstacles preventing a game in the finals for next year.
 - Malmö themselves claim that it is easier to develop if they have good support from the council: an arena of their own and free access to it whenever they want. In Norrköping, this is not the case, which makes it harder for our league, Catharina explains.


Time for Swedish Roller Derby Championships!

Norrköping Roller Derby A has previously participated in Swedish Champs twice and both times returned to Norrköping wearing bronze medals. This time, the Champs weekend starts with a quarterfinal bout against Luleå Roller Derby.
Both our bronze games in 2017 and 2018 were against Luleå so we know that they will always give us a rough time, team captain Angelica Lundin says.

If NRD A wins the game against Luleå, they will advance to quarter finals against Crime City Rollers, the current Swedish Champions later during the day. Finals will be played on Sunday. All games are played at Angered Arena in Gothenburg.
The difference between this year’s Championships and the previous ones is that this year, there have not been any league games leading up to finals at Champs. Instead, the teams are picked based on current ranking. 

Saturday 6 April
10:00-11:30 // M1-Quarter finals: Norrköping Roller Derby - Luleå Roller Derby
12:00-13:30 // M2- Quarter finals: Gothenburg Roller Derby - Uppsala Jackdaws
14:30-16:00 // M3-Semi Finals: Vinnare M1 - Crime City Rollers
16:30-18:00 // M4- Semi Finals: Vinnare M2 - Dock City Rollers

Sunday 7 april
10:00-11:30 // Consolation: Loser M2 - Loser M1
12:30-14:00 // Bronze game: Loser M4 - Loser M3
14:30-16:30 // Final: Winner M4 - Winner M3
16:30-17:00 // Award ceremony


NRD B won tournament - climbs European rankings

Wet City Rollers (Bergen) vs. Norrköping Roller Derby B : 111-272
Nidaros Killer Bs (Trondheim) vs. Norrköping Roller Derby B : 117-178

For the second year in a row, NRD B travelled to Bergen, Norway this Saturday, to participate in Fjord Feud, a roller derby tournament, only to win the whole thing! They won both their bouts and thanks to these great results against to higher ranked teams, they climbed European rankings.

According to Flat Track Stats, NRD B had a 7 % chance of winning against Nidaros from Trondheim since they were a much higher ranked team. However, with a strong and synchronised team, we still managed to beat them, captain Johanna Lönn-Skog, says.

Before Fjord Feud 2019, NRD B was ranked 240 in Europe, and after the team is now 176 in Europe!


Visits from Team England

Two international roller derby stars are coming to Norrköping!

Rogue Runner (Jessica McCarroll) has had an impressive career as a jammer. With several world cups on her cv, she now focuses on coaching and helping other players develop.
   While training and playing as a blocker for Team England, Kid Block (Lyndsey Boulton) is happy to coach others.
This weekend, they will both be coaching at a bootcamp in Norrköping to strengthen Swedish roller derby skaters. 

 - Besides intense training with two amazing athletes, it will be an excperience to meet two icons. It will be really inspiring for those Swedish skaters dreaming of a roller derby career, Malin Eringstad says. She is part of the league Norrköping Roller Derby, organising the bootcamp.

The event is held Saturday and Sunday in Ektorpshallen (Trestegsgatan, Norrköping) with skaters from all over Sweden participating.
For more information, contact:
Malin Eringstad: +4673 320 26 05


Junior bout for The Little Destroyers

Sunday 10 February 1pm

Ektorpshallen, Norrköping

The Little Destroyers (NRD) vs. Jackdaw Chicks (Uppsala)

The Little Destroyers is a junior roller derby team from Norrköping. Some of the players have played for a years and a half, while others only for about six months. On Sunday, 13 of these players will meet Jackdaw Chicks from Uppsala. This will be The Little Destroyers first bout without help from players from other teams.

- The Little Destroyers play at level 2, which means that they play according to the same rules as regular roller derby (WFTDA ruleset) with the exception that you cannot hit each other with speed, the coach Marie-Louise Andersson explains.

NRD’s junior group consists of 23 players in the age group 7-16 years.


Home bout for NRD B

Sunday November 25th, Ektorpshallen
11.00 AM - Norrköping Roller Derby B vs. Örebro Roller Derby

NRD B and ÖRD have met before, and then Örebro has been the winner. Now we will play at home, and have prepared well.

- It is a bout that we are looking forward to. Örebro is a strong team, but we have worked hard and are aiming for a win, says the team captain Johanna Lönn-Skogh.


Happy despite loss

NRD A tested their forces against top team

Sunday 28 October, Farstahallen
Stockholm Roller Derby Allstars vs. Norrköping Roller Derby A: 200-69

Despite the loss, NRD A is pleased with the bout. NRD A has made some changes in their game lately, looking forward to the opportunity to test where they stand against one of Europe's top teams.

- We really got our game to work today, many things we've been practicing for the last few months fell in place. As expected, there was a loss today, but we got a clear indication that we are on the right track, says team captain Angelica Lundin

STRD Allstars is in place 6 in the European ranking.


NRD A up against one of Europes best teams

Hallonwheels, Farstahallen

Sunday October 28th:
12.00 - Stockholm Roller Derby Allstars vs. Norrköping Roller Derby A

NRD A has made some changes in their play recently, and are looking forward to the opportunity to test where they stand against one of Europe's top teams.

- We were very excited when we received this request because STRD Allstars is a bit of a dream stand for us, says team captain Angelica Lundin.

STRD Allstars is in number 6 in Europe.


Watch us play in Norrköping this weekend!

Two days, three bouts in Stadium Arena

Saturday October 6th:
15.00 - Norrköping Roller Derby A vs. Gothenburg Roller Derby A

Sunday October 7th:
12:00 - Norrköping Roller Derby B vs. Jackdaw City Rollers A (Uppsala)
15.00 - The Beleafers vs. Hösten med resten

The weekend starts on Saturday with a visit from Gothenburg. The team is ranked 35th in Europe. Norrköping A team in place 53. It will be a tough and important match.
- It is not just a matter of European Rankings, but also a pointers on how we stand when we are going to take part in the world rankings, says Catharina Bergström, captain of NRD A.

When NRD A met Gothenburg two years ago, it was a new experience that made the team completely remake their gameplay. More efforts were needed to cope with harder hits and smart offensive game, such as Gothenburg has.
- Both we and them have evolved and changed since then. I'm really looking forward to meeting them again and making a new power measurement. With the home crowd's support, we'll take it home, says Catharina.

On Sunday there will be a bout bwith NRD B and Jackdaw City Rollers from Uppsala. Last season, NRD B played in Division 2, and JCR A in Division 1.
- They made a strong effort in the series, so we expect hard resistance. We hope to draw lessons about what we need to build on for the next round of the series game, says Viktoria Lindén, captain of NRD B.

The weekend ends with two teams unique for this event. There are players from both NRD and KAOS, Norrköpings merby-team Killer Apes from Outer Space. It may be a high-speed bout that will cause the autumn leaves to fall from the trees!


Two major losses for NRD B this weekend

Results, Sunday September 30th
Västerås Roller Derby vs. Norrköping Roller Derby B: 197-73
Norrköping Roller Derby B vs. Dock City Rollers B (Gothenburg): 19-259

It became two tough but educative games in Örebro. NRD B did not reach sucess when the opponents steered the game.

- Västerås was strong, and Göteborg was even stronger. Nevertheless, it did not feel like a loss, the team captain Viktoria Lindén summarizes the day.

The team got a chance to try their new constellation and look at the ways in which they need to evolve.
- We lose in ranking, but instead have gained experience, Viktoria says.


We meet Västerås and Gothenburg, in Örebro!

Idrottshuset, Örebro Sunday 30 September
11.00 Västerås Roller Derby vs. Norrköping Roller Derby B
16.00 Norrköping Roller Derby B vs. Dock City Rollers B (Gothenburg)

At the moment, the Swedish Skating Federation is aiming to develop the series for roller derby, and therefore this season is paused. But Sweden's roller derby is still rolling! NRD B finished last season as winner in Division 2, and advanced to Division 1.

- In Division 1, we would have met Västerås Roller Derby, so we're look forward to this match even if it's out of the series game, says team captain Viktoria Lindén.

The same day, NRD B also meets the Dock City Rollers B team from Gothenburg.

- We lost to them at home in May, so now we are eager to win this time, says Viktoria.


Double losses in England

Saturday, September 22, Oxford

Swansea City Roller Derby vs Norrköping Roller Derby A: 212-135
Oxford A vs Norrköping Roller Derby A: 160-146

The first game against Swansea was high intensity from start. They played strongly offensive, making it difficult for NRD A to get control of the game.
- Although we had contact at the beginning, Swansea went out to win it, says team captain Angelica Lundin.

The Norrköping team then recharged for the next meeting. Oxford also played hard and intense, but had a play that was easier for NRD A to make better use of. It was an exciting finish on the match.
- For the last jam it was a tie, 146-146. But Oxford managed to take lead, got to play where they picked points and won the game.

NRD A had wanted to go home with other results, but is still pleased with the performance.


NRD A again on international ground for new challenges!

Double Matches in England on Saturday September 22nd
10.45 AM - Swansea City Roller Derby vs Norrköping Roller Derby A
3.00 PM - Oxford A vs Norrköping Roller Derby A

The European rankings say that there should be relatively even matches. In place 38 in Europe is Oxford, in place 39 we find Swansea and in place 49 is our team. With double away games, NRD A does not have the prerequisites on their side.

- We aim to win both matches, even though we are humble because we rarely play two tough games on the same day, says team captain Angelica Lundin.

Our A-team has previously played against English team at home, and then experienced physically hard and fast resistance.

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