Norrköping Roller Derby

When a few restless souls sought out to find a new hobby, they considered starting a sewing circle, but instead they created something they could never have imagined…

NRD is a non-profit association which was started in 2012 and has been going from strength to strength ever since. With the byword TOGETHER our league and its members are strong and unflinching. We support each other. At practice, in every bout, and in life outside of the track.

Welcome to the community!

In Roller Derby, female is the norm and women, queer and trans people are equals. Find out more about our teams and how to join our league. If you think Roller Derby sounds interesting but aren’t sure that you want to play yourself, you are still very welcome, for example as a referee or in other functions. For cis men interested in playing, get in touch with our sister league Mens Roller Derby Norrköping.

Wait, what is Roller Derby anyway?
Read about it here!

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