NRD would be nothing without our amazing officials! We have referees in black and white, and non-skating officials in pink.

To become a ref you need to have solid knowledge of the rules, be comfortable on roller skates and able to handle a whistle. But don’t worry, you can learn all of that with us! You are always welcome to our practice sessions, and we have some very experienced zebras to help you.
As a non-skating official you don’t need to be able to skate, but you will learn loads about the critical parts of the game. Keeping track of the score, timing penalties, or recording player stats are some of the assignments you could have. No prior knowledge required. It can be good to read up a little before NSO’ing your first bout, but there are always experienced NSO’s to guide you through it. No need to attend practice.

Apart from our skating and non-skating officials there are of course a whole bunch of other people making our bouts possible – medics, announcers, volunteers selling tickets, merch and fika, as well as the fans cheering us on – and everyone is welcome to our after-parties!

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